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DearEmployee is the Workplace Mental Health Platform. As a corporate health start-up, we support employers in designing healthy and motivating working conditions for their employees in order to reduce mental stress and to increase employee productivity. Using the DearEmployee platform, companies can easily and digitally measure mental stress at the workplace in a scientific way, and subsequently sign up to tailored health and HR measures. The solution also meets the legal requirements for mental health risk assessment in Germany.


Our Vision

Making work a better place.


Our Mission

Providing knowledge, transparency and technology for employers to create healthy workplaces.




Dr. Amelie Wiedemann

Dr. Amelie Wiedemann

The occupational and health psychologist Dr. Amelie Wiedemann is Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of DearEmployee. Amelie has done research at the Free University of Berlin and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. For her work on the effectiveness of health programs, she has received awards from the Stress and Anxiety Research Society, among others. With the DearEmployee Platform, Amelie would in particular like to support employers with the best scientific know-how on condition-oriented and behavior-oriented prevention. This ensures that employees receive exactly the support needed to strengthen their motivation and commitment to the company in the long term.


Henning Jakob

Henning Jakob

Henning Jakob is Co-Founder & CEO of DearEmployee. He is responsible for strategy, business development and finance. With a background in industrial and network economics, he has many years of experience as a consultant in the digital transformation of HR organizations and personnel development. His goal is to motivate employers to create the best conditions for their employees, with intelligent technologies and innovative measures.


Daniel Fodor

Daniel Fodor

Daniel Fodor is Co-Founder & COO of DearEmployee and responsible for operations and product development. As a psychologist, he contributed the core component of the DearEmployee Platform: a scientific method he developed at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin to identify mental stress at the workplace. With the expansion of the DearEmployee Platform, Daniel is pursuing the goal of making employees and employers the best possible beneficiaries of a healthy working day.


Network and supporters of DearEmployee


Europäische SozialfondsESF BerlinBerlin

DearEmployee was supported by the Berlin Startup Scholarship.

We were supported by funds from the German Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Business and the European Social Fund.


Profund Innovation

Promotion of innovative university spin-offs.

Profund Innovation supports DearEmployee as part of the incubator program Profund Innovation XL.


Freie Universität Berlin

Scientific support on health promotion measures.

The AB Health Psychology under the direction of Prof. Dr. Nina Knoll advises DearEmployee on mental health questions and the further development of analytical models.


FU Diagnostik

Consulting, development and validation of psychological analysis methods.

Our respected partner for scientifically based development of our assessments. In this way, DearEmployee ensures the reliability and validity of online surveys.

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